The 1st Kyokushin-Goshin Karate-do Championship

Participating players and tournaments are determined!

April 29, 2022 at Yoyogi Daini Gymnasium!

Show us what your school is capable of!

After two successful pre-tournaments in the past, the World Kyokushin Karate Organization is now fully prepared to host the 1st All Japan Kyokushin Karate Championship on April 29, 2022!

Show the power of all karate styles of Zenkoren (Ryukyu and Okinawa karate, Shoto-kan, Goju-ryu, Wado-ryu, Shitoryu and other four major styles, Rengukai and other Bogu karate styles), Japan Karate Association, Nippon Kempo and other karate styles!

This tournament is a tournament format, and

The goal is to create a tournament with a variety of athletes, not only from Kyokushin Karate and full contact karate, but also from all karate schools such as Ryukyu/Okinawa Karate, Traditional Karate, Bogu Karate, Nippon Kempo, as well as active professionals such as Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Rise, K-Klash/K-1 and mixed martial arts strikers, and boxing enthusiasts.

Our target number of participants is over 64! And there’s a mix of pros and amateurs out there!

Professionals will participate. In other words, martial arts

We will set up a martial arts scholarship to make this an exciting tournament.
Although in the planning stages.

Prize money for the winner: ¥500,000

Runner-up prize money: ¥400,000

3rd prize: ¥300,000

4th prize: ¥200,000

Best 8 finishers: ¥50,000

The above is planned.
※ 武道奨学金は所属ジムにお渡しする形となります。

【Tournament Outline】
Date: Friday, April 29, 2022 (national holiday)
Venue: Yoyogi Second Gymnasium
Entry fee: 11,000 yen  *Current professional players are free of entry fee.
Eligibility: 15 to 60 years old (discussion required)

We look forward to seeing you there!

About the Convention

This tournament competition is

It will be held under the following three thorough safety systems

1. The “Dora-glove” is used as the hitting glove!

All players will wear the newly developed original hitting glove “Dora-glove”.

❶ Newly developed original Nardo gloves (all with 2 air holes, 21cm diameter for lightweight, 22cm diameter for mediumweight, and 22cm diameter for heavyweight, with glove handicaps according to weight)

The inside has a grip bar.

If a dora-glove is dropped during a match, it will be considered a “weapon drop” and the opponent will be awarded a technique.



❷ Large, safe, double/triple gold ball cups (double protection of the gold ball and lower abdomen)

Dora-gloves and double and triple gold ball cups are available on the Battle Fitness Omori website!

For the All-Japan Tournament matches, both the Dora-gloves and the double and triple gold ball cups will be provided by the organizers, but

It is best if you purchase a Dora Globe for your practice.

However, it is possible to practice by doubling up on a commercial gold ball cup.

In a match, if the opposing player weighs more than 90kg, it is safe to triple the gold ball cup.

4-point & 3-second knockdown rule to ensure safety

* The face blows were 2 blows, 2 points for technique, 4 points for Ippon win, and the match was over.

* Golden Strike won by a single point with two blows and four points, ending the match.

The match rules are designed to ensure the threefold safety of the game.

The safety of the system has already been largely proven in a test tournament with 17 players in the first round on Sunday, June 27, 2021, and 36 players in the second round on Saturday, November 20, 2021, for a total of 53 players and 53 games.

→ The tournament doctor, who was present at both test tournaments, reported

* Two players with just a nosebleed smeared inside their nose
* 2 bleeding lips and forehead due to batting (however, one player was injured by teeth and forehead hit due to no mouthpiece, which is against regulations)
* 2 bruises
* Foot first twist setback 1

Except for the ankle sprain, all six patients had minor injuries.

In other words, there were almost no injuries from either metallic or facial blows. 

Please take a look at the videos of past test tournaments to get an idea of how safe it is, and the friendly atmosphere of other tournaments due to its safety.

5 points for player fixtures just prior to the match (4 points required)

❶ My Mouthpiece

→ Players will bring their own.

❷ Dora-gloves by weight

size XS, SS, S

→ Everything will be provided by the organizer.

→ Pre-purchased mydra gloves can also be used.

However, the player must use a Dora Glove of the specified size according to the player’s weight.

❸ Double and triple gold ball cups (provided by the organizer)

* Always triple if your opponent weighs 90kg or more.

→ In the case of Mie, the bottom one is the player’s own cup or the metal cup provided by the organizer.

→ All competitors under 90kg must use the double gold ball cup provided by the organizer.

Knee supporter → Athletes weighing 90 kg or more should wear a supporter at least 1.5 cm thick as a double layer on both the left and right knee.

→ Players weighing less than 90 kg wear only one knee supporter of at least 1.5 cm thick on each side.

❺ Long supporter for shin, instep and toe cover on both sides.

→ To avoid damaging the nail and instep with a golden target kick


The above five points are confirmed by the corner staff and two assistant referees on the player entrance corner side, for a total of three.

*  If even one of the items is not worn, the player is declared ineligible to participate in the match.

→ The game begins again, fully mounted. 

Ahead of the convention

We hope that this tournament tournament will be the re-start of the other style matches that will recreate the first All Japan Tournament of Kyokushin Karate.

Therefore, this tournament will be a recreation of the original kumite styles of karate, from Ryukyu/Okinawa karate to Japanese traditional karate and Kyokushin & full contact karate, against the best current and former professionals in Muay Thai and kickboxing.

In other words, karate will be revived as the strongest karate on earth⁉️
Will he be defeated again before professional Muay Thai and Kick⁉️
It will be the first all-hitting martial arts tournament.

We look forward to the participation of many schools and players.

All karate schools, dojos and kickboxing gyms are welcome to participate.

To contact us or for more information

090-3155-2821 (Hamai)

Or access the QR code on LINE.
Please contact Hamai on LINE.

If you wish to participate in the tournament, please fill out the following documents (application form and pledge form) and send them to us with your photo attached.

■Sending by mail
Room 1036, Omori Ekimae Jutaku 1, 6-18-1 Minami-Oi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director Shokuyasu Hamai, Mose Co., Ltd

■Sending by e-mail (also accepted on LINE)

Japan Post Bank, 138 Ichisan Hachi, Ordinary 0275031
(Sha) Sekai Kyoku Shingo Shingo Shinkarate Do Renmei
¥11,000 per player

Application form (for individuals)
Application form(for multiple)