DORA‐Glove & Double/Triple Balls Cups for Sale

For safe and secure operation of the convention

“Dora Glove” is the original hitting glove of Noriyasu Hamai, the president of our corporation.
It greatly reduces the damage caused by blows and greatly expands the scope of striking training.

In addition, the double/triple balls cups provide greater safety.

Greatly reduces damage from blows!

Our originally developed (patented) gloves have been thoroughly pursued for “safety and security.

At Battle Fitness Omori and other facilities, we have received rave reviews from everyone from small children to professional martial arts fighters who have actually experienced our gloves.
It is also ideal for sparring with your spouse or as a gift for your child.

We have made sparring possible in a way that has never been done before: no pain, no injury!
It’s the only experience of its kind in the world!

Please feel free to use it in any way you like!

Purpose of DORA-GLOVE Development

1. Two air holes on the striking surface of the glove make it easier to crush the striking surface of the glove and minimize the impact shock of a blow.

2. Three types with large striking surfaces of 22 cm, 21 cm, and 20 cm in diameter to distribute the impact of blows to five locations (forehead, two cheekbones, chin, and nose) or three locations (two cheekbones and nose) so that damage is reduced to 1/3 to 1/5 of the original size.

A. Air venting by air holes
B. Shock dispersion due to the size of the striking surface

By reducing the damage to the nose area to 20-30% compared to 100% of conventional gloves, we can eliminate “tailbone fractures, eye or bottom fractures, eyelid cuts, bleeding, and tear eyes” as much as possible.

This minimizes injuries by eliminating as much as possible “tailbone fractures, eye fractures, eyelid cuts, bleeding, and watery eyes.

This not only minimizes injuries, but also avoids referee and doctor stoppages due to bloodshed.

DORA-GLOVE are available at Battle Fitness Omori’s online store.
We also have video(Japanese) commentary and more, so be sure to check ‘em out!


How to use and practice : Even children can use it! The usage can be expanded depending on your ingenuity!

Triple the balls cup for more security!!!

The balls cups are double or triple to fully protect the balls and allow for even safer practice of kicks to balls, thrusts, and strikes. These are also available for purchase through Battle Fitness Omori’s online store, so be sure to pick one up!

!Cautions for use of the balls cup!

The balls cup is very hard and may damage the instep and toenails.
Please practice with a shin/leg supporter that covers from the shin to the toes.