Kyokushin-Goshin Karate-do Championships

This is a self-defense karate tournament sponsored by our organization. All martial arts are welcome to participate, regardless of style or martial art.

Kyokushin Goshindo Karate Kumite rules revive all karate styles including Kyokushin Karate, Ryukyu Okinawa Karate, Traditional Karate, and Bogu Karate as self-defense martial arts‼️

With this in mind, we hope to make the Kyokushin Gosei Karate-do Championships a great success.

There are no new rules in self-defense karate-do.
It is the other strongest karate rule on earth, the original karate rule.

The rules were established from the perspective of thorough self-defense and to ensure that the sport never becomes too sport-like and loses its effectiveness as a martial art and self-defense technique.

To conduct this tournament, we will use the “Dora-globe”.

There, I felt a sense of security that the convention could be run with confidence.

In April 2022, the convention will finally be fully operational.

Not only from Kyokushin, but also from various schools and other competitions such as Nippon Kempo. We look forward to your participation.

If you wish to participate in the tournament, please click the button below to check the outline of the tournament that is currently recruiting participants and apply.

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